We work with enterprises to help focus attention on value creation and the action needed to sustain this.

Value can be boosted by the right organisation of effort, building structures that distribute accountability and processes that offer clear visibility allowing swift response.

Ultimately it’s what you put in and what your get out that defines a successful enterprise.

The relationship between a company’s business models and its cash and revenue generation can be complex and misunderstood. Lack of attention to this is frequently the cause of organisational under-performance and even corporate failure.

Using assets to their full potential in driving growth becomes a key priority. Return on investment, whether in new business ventures, new products or new markets, is critical to long term business success. Identifying projects with a realistic ROI and managing them through to delivery remains a basic competency whatever the sector.


Yet the tension between creative innovation in a fast changing market and the need to secure sensible cash streams to justify investor support remains at he heart of many CEO’s preoccupations.


Getting this right is our primary emphasis.